Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dahlia Heaven

In the middle of the summer one of my friends posted some pictures on facebook of really lovely dahlias, and when I asked her where she’d taken them she told me of a vast dahlia farm on the other side of Portland.  One day in late August I took myself and my fully charged camera off to spend several delightful hours on the dahlia farm.

The setting was so terrific—acre after acre of blooming dahlias, with Mt. Hood in the background.

dahlias mt hood (3)

I took over 500 pictures.  I was like a kid in a candy shop.  At the end of the day I wasn’t sure which new flowers I should get for next year, just that I definitely needed some!

candlelight (1)chilsons pride (2)Croydon Masterpiece (1)DSC_0092DSC_0121DSC_0193DSC_0497DSC_0574herbert smith (1)helen richmond (1)DSC_0044Matilda huston (3)lindy (2)lauren micheleleila savannah rose (1)Neon splendor (1)Mardy Gras (7)mikayla miranda (2)miss deliah (1)wannabee (2)zakary robert (1)precious (3)oregon reign (4)outta da blue

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