Monday, February 3, 2014

2013 in Books

I saw a link to an article a week or two ago that indicated that 25% of adults didn’t read even one book in 2013.  It made me curious to know my reading stats since I started keeping track of my reading on goodreads more than a year ago.  Here are some of my stats.


The longest book I read was Pres. Monson’s biography, which was 588 pages.  I loved 12 of the 71 books I read and only disliked one.  I read 21,297 pages.  21,297!!  How amazing is that!


  1. WOW! That IS amazing! What an accomplishment! I need to read more... it is one of my goals for this year.

    Just found you! So glad I did :) Look at all that SNOW int he above post.... holy moly..... it is BEAUTIFUL! I love those quiet nights covered in snow- at least I did (we live in AZ now :)

    Eager to follow you!

  2. Didn't you love President Monson's biography? It was long, but so readable. I'm curious as the to book you did't like...

  3. Melissa, I totally did love Pres M's book. It made me respect him even more to realize how much and for how long he has served!!

    The book I didn't like was called "Finishing Well" and was by a very rich guy who was talking about how other people who have made a lot of money should do something different with the 2nd half of their life that's more meaningful than just making money. It kind of rubbed me wrong since we're still fully in the making ends meet stage and don't have the liberty of choosing something "more meaningful."