Friday, February 21, 2014

Out of sight, out of (my) mind.

I just came into the kitchen and around the island and this is what I saw:


And my first micro thought was “who did this?!?”

which was quickly followed by the thought “Oh, I did this.  Right.”

Which was then followed by the question “Why on earth did I leave everything out in the middle of the floor??”

Which after just a second was followed by the thought “ohhhh…”

Which meant:

While I was in the middle of matching tupperware containers to lids because I have known for some time that we have some of each with no matches, Jared asked if I could please call the middle school office to ask a question about today’s schedule.

So I came around the island to the phone and did so.

Once I was on the phone with the secretary, she remembered that she had been needing to call me all week to ask about an extended trip we’re taking to Utah in the spring.  I ended up having to pull up my calendar on the computer to give her the exact days each child would be gone. 

When I got off the phone with her I sent Russ a couple of texts so he would know I was thinking about him.

And then I shut the computer again and went off to read my scriptures like a good girl, thoroughly and completely forgetting the mess I had left behind.

And THAT is why I can never walk away from anything I’m doing.  At least tupperware lids don’t catch on fire…

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  1. My first thought was wait, has Kate been there?! ;-)