Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sewing for Kate

When Cindy Lynn was little I used to make most of her clothes.  I loved doing that, and it just wasn’t just as much fun to sew for Jason and Josh when they came along.  I always longed for another little girl—a sister for Cindy Lynn and another girl to sew for.  Well as you know I got that little girl(s)…and for many years had NO energy to sew for them at all!  When I did start sewing for them I didn’t have the same kind of time that I’d had with Cindy Lynn—I knew my sewing was more special occasion than every day.  One of the things I realized that I really loved to sew was holiday dresses using seasonal fabric.  Now we have Kate and once again I’m excited to sew for a little girl.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

The Blessing Dress

3May2013blessingdress040 copy

special effects: the smocking.  time consuming but fun!



special effects: contrasting band at bottom—couldn’t decide for the longest time but I think it worked.

Christmas (made without a good pattern, so hopefully will also fit her next year!)


special effects: Jenna & I had found this fun green Christmas fabric before Kate was even born and I have been so excited to use it.  I paired it with a red and white stripe to match the candy canes in the green fabric and with a a little bit of a red dotted fabric.  I also made piping of the striped fabric and used that in the bodice around the neck and armholes.  I really do hope this fits next year because I love it!



special effects: I was excited to find this fun heart fabric—it felt like valentines but the colors and busyness was unusual.  I decided that I wanted to experiment with making a bias binding to put around the neck and arms this time.  I have a little tool to make bias tape that I’d never used before—that worked really well.  I had a hard time picking the purple to use for this but I was really happy with the one I ultimately picked.  While I was at the fabric store I had seen this cute pink checked knit and I decided that it was a fun match for leggings. Then I decided that I wanted to put an applique on the skirt of the dress—a big purple heart and a smaller heart of the legging fabric.  I thought the whole thing turned out fun!


So there you go.  10 months of happy sewing for Kate, and hopefully years to come!


  1. I love them all!!!!! And I'm 100% sure the Christmas dress will fit next year. It just might need some leggings if she shoots up really tall.

    And I seriously love that blessing dress so much! I was looking at a bunch of my pics of it the other day. It was so beautiful.

  2. Darling! All of them... & of course the model, too. ;) I'm already picturing a future quilt made with remnants of these fun fabrics. :) I like how you pointed out the special effects to those of us who may not be observant enough to catch them at first glance, too.

  3. My favorite is the valentine dress... Love, love, love those colors!

  4. I think it is special that you have time now and love to create these special dresses. Keep it up!