Tuesday, February 18, 2014

100 Happy Days: the first 27

In January I noticed an interesting hashtag on a picture someone had posted on facebook.  I was curious and so I followed the links to a simple web page challenging people to take a picture every day of something that made them happy and either post it on facebook with the hashtag or email it to their email address.  I decided it would be a fun thing to try (even though I knew it would be harder without a smart camera) and yesterday I hit day 30.  Here are the pictures from my first 27 days…

100 happy days

  • Day 1—she may been a teenager, but she’s still little enough to fall asleep on the couch.
  • Day 2—hooray!  I finally started the Christmas letter!
  • Day 3—finished this book.  simply amazing.
  • Day 4—the Christmas dresses are finally done!
  • Day 5—my girlies in their dresses.
  • Day 6—flying into the sunrise.
  • Day 7—Kate’s cheesy grin.
  • Day 8—I got Kate to sleep!
  • Day 9—naptime snuggles.


  • Day 10—on a clear day you can see…Mt. Hood.
  • Day 11—a beautiful drive in to Portland, crossing the St. John’s bridge in the sunlight.
  • Day 12—happy to be back home with my sweetheart.
  • Day 13—thinking about mom.
  • Day 14—after a very dry winter so happy to have rain.
  • Day 15—celebrating Russ’s birthday.
  • Day 16—my wrestler.
  • Day 17—normally I’m not interested in succulents, but this one just made me happy!
  • Day 18—ending a 10 day Ender-binge.

100 happy days2

  • Day 19—seeing this picture just in the door of a new church building.
  • Day 20—homeschool fun.
  • Day 21—nothing like a long talk with a good friend.
  • Day 22—Mt. Hood again!
  • Day 23—hummer in the snow.
  • Day 24—this hummer has a new favorite place to hang out.
  • Day 25—the snow continues.
  • Day 26—he made his own sandwich!
  • Day 27—sewing fun.


  1. That is so cool!!! I started doing this on Pinterest two years ago but then got sidetracked and never finished. Of course my favorite is the cheesy grin. ;) And what is "shadows in flight"??