Thursday, February 27, 2014

Commencing Part 1: Operation survive the Portland winter

Project1As I have talked to people in this area about my experiences here the first winter (dread, depression, and general gloom) the advice I’ve gotten has been consistent across the board:

Plan a trip.

In fact it was even more specific that that:

Plan a trip to some place sunny.

Well!  I am all over that!  And so this winter I have all sorts of escapes planned, both large and small, in hopes that when the end of the winter comes I’ll be in better shape than I was last year at the same time. 

Today is the start of my first escape—a trip to Las Vegas where I will reunite with 10 former Durham-ites.   More specifically, former members of our incredible D2 bookclub.  Together we are going to spend the weekend talking, eating, a little sightseeing, more talking, and even…wait for it…having a book club evening.

I am positively giddy.  Total jazz hands…

See you next week!

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