Thursday, July 22, 2010

Squirrel Success

The squirrels have been interested in our bird feeders from the get-go.  They have been almost as entertaining as the birds. 

First they tried in every way possible to get food out of the feeder.

June 2010 605

They tried from the top.

June 2010 609 June 2010 610 June 2010 611

When that failed, they seemed to give up trying for a while.


The other day I saw that they were back at it, apparently with some success this time. 

July 2010 902

I was trying to figure out where the squirrel had gotten food, and then I saw it… (please pardon the blurry photo—both the squirrel and feeder were in motion.)

July 2010 905 Kamikaze Squirrel!

(The picture doesn’t show it very well, but the squirrel stretched between the deck and feeder, grabbed some food, and then sprang back to the deck.  It was very acrobatic!)

A few days later I saw a squirrel ON the birdfeeder.  It turns out he was using the birdbath (in the front right in the picture above) as a springboard for his attack on the feeder.  Very successfully, although it also knocked the birdbath to the ground below.

July 2010 1184

I really don’t mind them finishing off the last of the costco birdfeed.   But I do mind them scaring off the birds!

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  1. I love the purple cardinal too! They are awesome and the vibrant purple color is amazing!