Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Better Bubbles

Besides soft skin and warm swimming, humidity has another, less well known benefit.

Better bubbles.

We discovered this quite by accident years and years ago. Bubbles just last longer here, and when it’s super-humid…it’s amazing.

One day this week it had just rained and the air was heavy with humidity.

I persuaded Jared to blow some bubbles for me.

July 2010 671

Sadly, there was no breeze, so the bubbles just floated to the ground. One time we did this and there was just enough breeze to keep the bubbles floating, slowly rising into the air. They lasted until they were out of sight.

July 2010 675

This time the bubbles seemed to be unusually colorful.

July 2010 673

One of them landed on a nearby flower.

July 2010 666

I don’t know anything about the science of bubble-ology, so I don’t know why the colors move like this on the bubble. But it’s cool to watch.

A couple of weeks ago we went to my a birthday party at a friend’s house. She had the coolest bubbles. She’s mixed blue Dawn dishsoap with water in cake pans, and had big bubble wands from the dollar store. They made incredible bubbles. I need to go get some Dawn and a big bubble wand, so that I’m ready the next time we get a super-humid day.

June 2010 618 b (3)

June 2010 630

P.S. Yes, when we had bubble guns I liked them even more than my kids did!


  1. I had forgot all about you telling me about the humidity and the bubbles. I will have to try that. We went out to play in bubbles today.I took some pictures but I haven't looked at them yet.

  2. Bubbles are such a funny form of entertainment! I'll add bubbles on my list of why humidity is good-which isn't very long, by the way.

  3. Sheesh - could you not have suggested that at the beach OR the farm? Now we have to wait another 2 years!

  4. Ok. Those pictures were absolutely insane. You know that. The one with just the single bubble and the bubble on the flower were incredible.