Saturday, July 24, 2010

Before the Reunion

One of the great things about living where we do is that quite often we’re lucky and people stay with us before or after our family reunion.  We LOVE it when that happens!

This year my sister Laila and her kids arrived on Tuesday night.  They were such good sports about the non-functioning downstairs air conditioner and we had lots of fun playing in the pool and making pioneer bonnets for Laila.

On Thursday night my brother Jeff arrived with his wife Amber and their 2 kids.  We spent a fun Friday at the pool playing.

Here we are with an overloaded convertible on our way to the pool.


Here are Jeff & Laila; notice Jeff’s great pink goggles.  Not everyone can pull this look off.

June 2010 1145

We played volleyball with all of the kids,

June 2010 1159

Jeff (who got more than his share of the “fun” genes) and the little kids played sharks & minnows,

June 2010 1169

and then had a cannonball contest

June 2010 1180

while Laila and Amber watched from the shallow end.

June 2010 1185

Such a fun day!

June 2010 1200

Then they all left to spend a night at our grandparent’s farm before meeting us at the BEACH.

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  1. And to think - We could have been doing all of those fun things with you instead of melting in DC