Friday, July 23, 2010

Great Gerbers!

After all the complaining I’ve done about my gerbers I’m pleased to report that we’ve had a pretty good spell.

It started with some white gerbers on the deck,

June 2010 210 

and a lovely orange gerber by the garage.

June 2010 473

Closely followed by a few yellow blossoms.

July 2010 017

I take far too many pictures of each flower, hoping for the exactly right combination of light and shape and luck.  Some pictures are keepers and some get deleted right away.

After the yellow gerbers the scarlet flowers started blooming—and this plant was obviously determined to outperform the rest.  It had four (that’s 4!) blossoms at the same time, and has 3 new buds now!

July 2010 814

July 2010 551

I’ve also had some lovely pink flowers—like the amazing resurrecting gerber I posted about last week.

July 2010 707

And most recently, a salmon colored gerber.

July 2010 1115

I still have 3 plants that haven’t bloomed, but I’ve sure been enjoying those that have!

June 2010 659


  1. I could seriously just stare at your flower photos forever! You have quite the green thumb - I'm jealous! :)

  2. Jenny--it's not so much a green thumb as it is a trigger happy finger!!

  3. Lovely! They must have found their "happy" place...