Saturday, July 17, 2010

Seriously So Blessed

As the sacrament was being passed a couple of months ago I had an interesting experience.  For the entire time (10 or so minutes) my mind was flooded with thoughts of the ways that we have been blessed.  I saw clearly what a blessing my marriage is, that we have been blessed to have 6 fantastic children and a terrific son-in-law.  I was reminded that Cindy Lynn’s health has been better recently, and that Russ’s job/pay have stabilized in the last few months.  I thought of our beautiful home in a place that we love, of supportive friends and loving family. 

It was amazing.


Later that evening Russ & I were in the car together and I told him of how blessed I was feeling. 

The most interesting thing, I said, was that it felt like Heavenly Father was deliberately showing me just how blessed we are.

I appreciated this reminder, since we were still recovering financially from my new crown at the end of February and some repairs on the van in March that were $much$ worse than expected.  But I also had the feeling that Heavenly Father was setting the stage for some new experience, and I would need to be able to remember just how blessed we have been.

I had no idea.


First Russ’s beloved convertible was leaking some kind of fluid.  Getting it out of the shop was almost like buying the front quarter of it again.

Then two of the cars needed tires.

And the air conditioning repair guy said that no, it wasn’t hot flashes, it was a broken downstairs air conditioner.  The new heating/cooling system could have almost bought a 2nd convertible.


Each time I felt the reminder in the back of my mind. 

“You have been so blessed.”

And each time I was so much less stressed by what normally would have been a financial calamity.


Even when it didn’t stop.

The van broke down on the way to scout camp.  Ka-ching…

The upstairs air conditioner broke, needing both the AC guy and an electrician to repair it.  Ka-ching…

The car AC needed to be recharged…except that it was the radiator instead.  Ka-ching…

And just this week, after a routine visit to the dentist (I’m going to have to stop going there!) the announcement that I am going to have to have another crown.  OUCH.

All this as we prepare for Jason to start college at the end of the summer (thank goodness for scholarships, but housing & food is still pretty pricey!) and look forward to his starting a mission a year from now.


I’m not sure what exactly is going on here.  But what I do know is that whatever is going on, Heavenly Father is completely mindful of it. 

And that before it really got started, he reminded me of just how blessed we truly are…

June 2010 850

(to be continued)


  1. What a blessing to have that feeling on which to reflect from the beginning instead of not feeling flooded with God's mindfulness until the end of the trial. Maybe that's partly why Nephi writes at the beginning of his record that he will show us the tender mercies of the Lord -- so we can be watching for it through the whole story.

  2. Great point--and yes, it was a tender mercy to have this reminder in the beginning. I think I would have been pretty freaked out, otherwise!