Saturday, April 27, 2013

The problem with Grandpa


I know that it’s always fun when grandpa comes, but the problem with Grandpa is that when he comes to visit he wants to hold my baby!


On the other hand, he made a great babysitter


while Cindy Lynn and I went to get post-baby pedicures.


(We were going to go get them right before Kate was born, but then she was born on pedicure day…)

Grandpa & Kate both had naps and he gave her a bottle.  He’s a pro…


After pedicures Russ & I went and met Larry & Gaye for lunch.  At Café Rio, so I could have my 4th meal of roast beef salad for the week.  (Leftovers for dinner tonight makes 5!)  After lunch we went and walked around the Provo River, where we watched birds.


It was a beautiful walk.


After we were done walking we went and did some blessing-day food shopping at Costco and then we came back to Cindy Lynn’s and completely collapsed!

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