Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food Truth


It’s time I admit it. 

I am not a gourmet.

In a world of foodies, I guess I’m not.

It’s not that I haven’t tried.  Because really, I've tried with the best of them.  Well perhaps not the best of them since I am still a sushi holdout and I refuse to eat raw fish in any other form either.  But I’ve at least tried with the 2nd tier.  And this is what I’ve found.

Better than bouillon?  Whatever, and it’s not very convenient to use either.  I was really happy to go back to my convenient little bouillon cubes, msg and all. 

High quality parmesan cheese from Costco?  It’s way too hard to grate, and I find that annoying.  Especially since it doesn’t taste remarkably better and it costs about 3x as much.

And last, as much as I am sad to admit it, when my $32 quart of mexican vanilla is done in the next month or two I’ll be just fine buying my vanilla again from Costco.  Without having to go to Texas (or worrying about getting shot at) to get it. [I do feel slightly vindicated in this opinion after reading some research by Cook’s Illustrated in which they say that there is no difference in taste between premium vanilla and fake vanilla!]


I’m actually a little relieved to be able to admit this.  No more worrying about having the premium ingredients, no more trying to figure out how to get myself some mexican vanilla, I can just be who I am.  Cheaper cheese and all…

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  1. Although you know I have my own opinions about bullion and parmesan (but the cheaper stuff from winco!), who really cares? ;) You like what you like! And I didn't think the better than bullion stuff was all that much better than bullion. What I love is my homemade stock. Which totally wouldn't be feasible with 6 people to feed instead of 2.