Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More school fun


There are some days where school requires a lot of energy.  Or maybe it’s that my kids have too much energy.  It’s a good thing that they keep me laughing.  Here’s a sample of the fun from this morning:

1.  The assignment: compare and contrast sheep with Christians.

Jenna: Well….sheep have white fleece.  And OLD Christians have white hair…


2.  The assignment: compare and contrast butterflies and moths.

Jared:  Do they both have that powder stuff that will come off their wings if you touch them?  I hope you know if that was fake (me telling them when they were little not to touch butterflies & moths because it would harm their wings and they wouldn’t be able to fly) my childhood is ruined.

3.  Not sure what the assignment was, or how it happened, but somehow Jared’s finger ended up too close to Rachel’s mouth and she bit it.

Such fun.  Smile

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