Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family Time

I can tell already (I mean it’s only taken me a year!) that one of the really great things about living in Oregon is going to be greater access to our families.  I’ve been here for almost 11 months and we’ve already had family visitors three times—Cindy Lynn and Mahon after Christmas, my cousins Dav & Megan in September, and on Saturday my cousin Luz and her kids stopped by for a visit on their way back to Utah from the coast.


While we were in Utah we had a get-together all of my siblings who could come,


we were there at the right time for a going away party at my aunt’s where I got to hang out longer with my siblings and see lots of aunts & uncles and a few cousins as well.


We got to spend time with Russ’s parents,


have dinner with Russ’s brother & his wife (and their bird Diego),


hang out with my sister Andra several times, (why oh why did I grab my glasses for this picture?  I should have left them off so we’d look more alike!)


spend the night at my dad’s, and of course have lots & lots of time with Cindy Lynn, Mahon, and sweet baby Kate.


I was thinking one day last week about how sad I was that the kids weren’t going to get to see baby Kate again until August.  And then somehow my thoughts went to how I haven’t gotten a ticket to fly Josh out to EFY yet because the prices haven’t dropped for June.  And then I realized—we can bring him out!  And spend the week with the baby!!  (And Cindy Lynn!  And cousins!!)


So yes.  I am seeing that there are some serious advantages to our new location.


PS—I find it beyond ironic that my family, which has NO ROOTS IN UTAH WHATSOEVER, has ended up in Utah in such large numbers.  It’s one thing for the kids in my generation who came out and went to school and married Utah kids.  And Ramona is from Utah, so we knew eventually my dad would end up there.  But all of his brothers and his sister moved there even before he did.  My conclusion:  Utah is where Mormons go to die.

PPS—As if it wasn’t fabulous enough to see all of our family members while we were in Utah, guess who else we saw?!?


Ken was spending the weekend with his parents and came by to say hi and to bring the baby a beautiful quilt Alisyn had made.  It was such fun to see him.

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  1. Man! You make the west coast sound AWESOME!!! No more of that!!!!