Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh Oregon spring, how you taunt us…

We had almost two weeks of sun in March.  The world around us responded to the beautiful weather by bursting into bloom.



And then, just when we were getting excited, guess what happened.  It rained, snowed, and HAILED!


I hear that while we were in Utah the weather was nice again.  And there are certainly more things blooming now. 


DSC_4163DSC_4188goldie2 (2)

But since we’ve been back it has been mostly grey, usually chilly, and often rainy.

Oh how I am missing North Carolina’s fine spring weather.

(I keep reminding myself that I do not miss the bugs…and I will not miss the invasion of the cicadas that’s about to happen…)


PS—The gardens at the Portland temple are amazing.  Just beautiful.  I am wondering if I would need a flock of gardeners to make my yard look like that next year??

portland temple (2)

PPS—I’m super happy to report that Hillsboro seems to have an abundance of my favorite tree—the one with the pink poofy pom-pom flowers on it.


Which I was told today are crab-apples.  Hooray for lots of crab-apples!



  1. We have the same here- minus the rain, and plus lots of chilly wind. Have not yet developed my thick CA skin!

  2. You live in a beautiful place....and, love the walkway...:)