Friday, October 1, 2010

(My) Questions About (Your) Comments [repost]

--I posted this Friday afternoon, completely forgetting that I had already set the hint about the frosties to post just a few minutes later.  I know that a lot of people come in through the specific blog link and would have missed these questions, so I'm reposting them.--

I used to respond in the comments section to comments that were made on my blog.  At some point I started replying directly back to the commenter instead.  But then I started wondering—
If you’ve commented do you look back at the comments to see if I’ve responded?
Do you look back at the comments to see if I’ve responded to someone else’s comments?
Do you just skip the comments altogether? 

Please enlighten me, and I hope you had a great conference weekend!


  1. I rarely check back for responses... it's just too hard to keep up, you know? I much prefer getting responses via email. In a perfect world, responses sent via email would also post in the comments section automatically... maybe I'll write blogger a letter.

  2. I agree with MommyJ. I'm lucky if I even get to check everyone's blogs once a day!

  3. You know though Cindy, some post a question and when I try to reply directly, I find that my answer to their question as sent to a "noreply" address. I hate for folks to think I ignored their comments or questions but sometimes they don't send.

  4. I always go back and look at comments when the post is about me. Because it is all about me. :)