Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Halloween Fun

It’s been such a busy week that we finally carved the pumpkins this morning.  (We’re also always hoping that if we leave the pumpkin carving till the last minute the pumpkins won’t be covered in mold by Halloween!!!)

October 2010 187 October 2010 188 October 2010 191 October 2010 190

Here are our finished jack-o-lanterns.  (Today jack-o-lanterns, tomorrow pumpkin muffins!)

October 2010 230 October 2010 233 October 2010 238 October 2010 242 October 2010 235

October 2010 245

Tonight we had dinner in a darkened house by jack-o-lantern light.  Spooky fun!


  1. OK - I love the monster one!!! That is my favorite. I also love the jack-o-lantern dinner idea!

  2. Those all turned out great! I really like the flowered one. =) We have 2 pumpkin-esque squash and one uncarved pumpkin waiting to become your awesome muffins! Thanks again for sharing the recipe. =D

  3. Now I don't feel so bad. We did not get to our pumpkins until Friday night. AND the kids all had friends over for a late night, so we made their friends help with the carving.
    During which time, I was reminded repeatedly by my three and five year old that we don't say the words "hate", and "stupid" which are the words that tend to come out of my mouth when we are carving!

  4. They turned out great! Dinner by candlelight (pumpkin light) is always more fun!nn