Friday, October 22, 2010

More Good Stuff from Glee

Katie just sent me a link to another article about Glee--this one from NPR!  Several of the Glee cast members had a photo shoot for the upcoming GQ magazine.  Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what those pictures are going to look like, does it?!?

What was really interesting to me was the caption above all of the pictures.  It read:

How the heck did a show about high school theater geeks come to be the biggest TV show in America? Well, T&A helps. (That's talent and ambition, you pervs.) But so does a generous helping of pot-laced brownies, girl-on-girl subtext, and choreographed dry-humping.

Really America?  That's what gets you to watch??

You can read NPR's article with links to the pictures here.


  1. I'm feeling so glad that I never got hooked into this show. It's really too bad that there can't be a fun musically based CLEAN show option instead! Thank goodness for old movies and netflix. =)