Monday, October 18, 2010

Escape #1: the beach

Russ and I decided a couple of weeks ago that we needed to escape.  If you remember, I blogged in the spring about our separate vacations.  By the time I came back from taking Jason out to BYU I felt like we hadn’t had a real conversation in months.  It was pretty bad.

So I pulled up my favorite vacation website, Vacation Rental By Owner and found a great deal on a weekend getaway, and we were off.

Tropical storm Nicole came along about 36 hours before we left, and we saw lots of water everywhere as we got closer to the coast. 

October 2010 007

Once we got on the island (Topsail) we were surprised by how much water was everywhere.

October 2010 042October 2010 043 

We could see why they build beach houses on stilts!

October 2010 030

October 2010 046

We had lots of fun watching cars drive through the water on the roads,

October 2010 054

And looking at the round houses.

October 2010 040_picnik

Seriously—who builds round houses?  Much less four of them in a row?

October 2010 032

We ended up taking a risk and doing something new to us.  We stayed in a townhouse on the sound instead of on the beach! 

It was peaceful and beautiful.

October 2010 076

We had a great time watching the herons and egrets, and the sunset was lovely.

October 2010 114

We also sat on the beach and read, and even played in the waves for a while.  They were still pretty crazy from tropical storm Nicole.

October 2010 100 October 2010 079

When it was time to go back to reality we were sad.  I am quite certain that we had more conversations in twelve hours than in the preceding twelve weeks.  I told Russ that I have made an executive decision.  Effective immediately.  If life is going to be this busy, and if we are going to be this tired (seminary the 3rd time around is killing us—and I don’t even get up for it!) we have to do something about it.  And that something is going to be to escape at least every 6 months for a weekend away. 

I’m already looking forward to our trip in the spring.  I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about, since we’ve hardly seen each other since we’ve been back!

October 2010 144October 2010 133


  1. Looks beautiful and fun...and I think that's a great plan. I'm already thinking of ways to farm out my kids so we can follow suit!

  2. That is wonderful. Life does get so busy!! We keep talking about getting away but it will be awhile. Great pictures.

  3. I'm thinking you totally have something there . . . seems like the only time Jeff and I truly have together is if we sneak away for a little trip of some kind. Always a good idea :)