Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Mother I’ve Become (part 2)

Last spring I blogged here about realizing that I have relaxed, mellowed, and developed different priorities over my years of mothering. 

This month we’ve had another experience that proves this is true.

About a month ago, Jared asked if he could shave his head for his Halloween costume.  I immediately said yes.

“You said YES????” you ask.

Yep, I did.  Because all I could think was what this would mean to Jared—both now and down the road.  It means that we take his costume idea (to be revealed later this week) seriously.  It means that we trust him to make some of his own decisions.  And hopefully one day when he’s older, he’ll remember this year.  And he’ll say, “I can’t believe my parents let me shave my head bald—that was so cool!”

Hair comes and goes.  I know for a fact it will grow back.  I’ll miss his pretty blonde hair, but I’ll be enjoying what this moment means to him.

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Today we’re off to buy some shaving cream so that we can get that last little bit of hair off.  Stay tuned for his awesome costume!!