Saturday, July 5, 2014

Overheard at the Dinner Table

The kids were talking tonight about what kind of pet they will get when Josh leaves on his mission.  (I made a limited promise a few months ago about this.)  Though I’ve only promised one or two types of pets, they were throwing around all sorts of ideas including a bearded lizard or a ferret.  (Neither one on the short list.) 

Josh suggested: I know just what you can get them, a group of pets that will both entertain and teach them about the circle of life.  You get them a pair of fancy mice, and then you get them a snake.  Let the mice breed and have babies.  Then you feed one of the babies every week to the snake…

At this point a great uproar broke out around the table, the rest of the children insisting that they would never feed their mice to a snake/that they hate snakes/that they really want a ferret/bearded dragon.  Chaos. 


The best part about it?  The best part is that I’m noticing that sometimes now I don’t have to insist that the kids all stay at the dinner table for a while after they’re done eating as I have for years now.  Sometimes I notice that they’re just…staying…


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