Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More about the flowers in my yard

If I sounded before like I wasn’t that happy to see a gerber daisy pop up in my yard let me put that rumor to rest.  I was thrilled to see this today.


And even though I told myself I wouldn’t do it again this year, I bought a mandivilla when I saw one at Fred Meyer.  It wasn’t too expensive, and look at this color.



Here are some other things happening in our yard.  The trellis full of variegated honeysuckle.  It bloomed for about a month and boy did it make my olfactory system happy.


I bought these purple & white petunias and have loved them.  At the last minute I added some mystery double petunias and they are beautiful.


A mystery plant bloomed and it’s this beautiful lily.  Now I just wish I hadn’t caught it in an experimental support system for a dahlia plant because it’s hard to see.  Next year it gets a home of it’s own.


In the front yard I have a yellow calla lily which I just could not resist.  Next year I hope I can get a white one too—they’re just beautiful.


I’m sure you don’t remember how annoyed I was that the flowers on my front porch in NC never grew evenly, but I’m equally annoyed that my pots in front of my garage here don’t either!  (Again…it’s amazing what a difference a few feet can make.)


And in the backyard, beautiful potential.


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