Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flowers you will NOT see growing in my yard

There are all sorts of fun things blooming in my yard.  And more to come.  But I have noticed a few flowers that we will not be bringing home.

First: the weird


Seriously, this flower thing looks like it’s an alien. 


At least that one has a pretty color to it.  Unlike this one, that has nothing to recommend it.  Meh.


Or these, which look like a goth plant person went crazy in the plant lab…such a waste of potentially pretty flowers!


These lilies which in their regular colors (white or yellow) are divine, but this variety was almost black.  Blech.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by someone who cares that you have nice looking flowers in your yard.

Winking smile


  1. I've always been been bemused by the search for a black flower. You'll find it in all the plant catalogs, with headings like, "Finally! A nearly-black rose!" or "The first truly black Dahlia!" I always shake my head. Why? Why not pink, or yellow, or pink AND yellow? Search for something worth finding, folks!

    1. Or blue! Make a nice blue one! You're absolutely right--not worth finding!!

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