Monday, July 7, 2014

Family Night Fun

We had a great (though slightly ADD) family night lesson on what it does and does not mean if we say we “know the church is true.”  (Part of our series of family night lessons on controversial church topics.)  After the lesson Josh went to work on the computer and Russ & I played Ticket to Ride with the triplets.  I have to say that they are old enough now that playing with 5 people and the American expansion pack is pretty much like a full out brawl.  I was completely blocked out of one of my cities within the first few moves.  Jenna, we discovered, is completely a game pessimist.  She was sure that every move anyone else made was going to ruin her game.   And Russ—well this was a side of Russ we rarely see.  He spent most of the game growling!  Rachel could have ended the game before anyone else was done, but she was kind and let us all finish.  What a crazy game!


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