Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tulip Therapy

Last fall I bought tulip bulbs.

Several times. 

I mean…


And then one fine day I planted, and planted, and planted, and planted.  And I thought about how they would look in the spring.  And I decided something—that planting tulips was a *super* way to combat depression.  Both being outside all day planting, and the anticipation of the blooming season to come. 

As the spring has approached and the tulips have started to emerge from the ground I’ve been so excited to see them. 

DSC_3619 c

But then just as the first tulips were starting to bloom, with sunny weather forecast for the next week, it was time for us to leave for our two week trip to Utah.  I was so relieved that one of the tulips I had anticipated being my favorite bloomed before I left.  (I was right—it really was amazing!)


I was really worried that all of the tulips would bloom and die before I got back.  Somehow I just didn’t think it would be the same to have Russ take pictures for me. 

Can you imagine my happiness to find most of the tulips still blooming when I got home on Saturday???

First a mixed bag of tulips truly was that.  (Not a great picture, but it shows the truly random nature of this mix.  And yes, they’re planted by the air conditioner because I ran out of places.)


The tulips in the front of the Japanese Maples looked like they might need another place next year where they don’t clash quite so bad.


The tulips that I’d been so excited for were blooming in full force.


There were tulips blooming all across the side fence in the back—another mixed bunch, but these a little better mix.


Best off all, the very best, were in a big planter tub right outside my bedroom door.  These tulips seemed to me like an incarnation of sunset and I have loved looking at them.


It’s a good thing I did, because today it rained like crazy and the wind blew really hard and then it rained some more.  I’m guessing my sunset tulips aren’t going to be looking so good come morning, so I sure am glad that I got some good pictures.  And that now I know what I have to look forward to outside my bedroom next spring…

DSC_3714 cDSC_3733DSC_3735

That’s therapy indeed!

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