Thursday, April 24, 2014


Yesterday afternoon I picked up Jenna from the airport.  She had flown in from Salt Lake, where we left her to spend an extra week with Cindy Lynn’s family. 


Since both Jenna and Rachel had problems with their braces while we were in Utah I had made a quick ortho appointment for later in the afternoon.  I was surprised when I saw a text from Rachel (who would have been picked up at school or after school) saying that we could just go without her.  I wasn’t sure what she meant, and figured we would just pick her up at home and so it wouldn’t matter.  But when we drove by the house she still wasn’t there and I was surprised.  That’s when I noticed the other 7 texts on my phone.  Here you go, in the order received.

Rachel: Mom, I can’t come out here is a lockdown at the school.

Rachel: Like a real lockdown and I asked if you could come inside with me and escort me out but apparently not I can’t even leave the choir room.

Rachel: *Lockout*  We can’t leave the school.

Rachel: But we won’t get killed.

Rachel: It’s safe, they just don’t want us to go outside or out of our classrooms.

Rachel: Go ahead and take Jenna to the ortho.

Just about the time I was reading these texts there was a call from the school district informing us that both the high school and the middle school were indeed in a lock-out, and a later call clarified that there had been a threat made against a teacher (is there any more thankless job than a high school teacher??) and that combined with a possible gun sighting had prompted the lockout. 

I’m just glad that it all ended ok.  And that she clarified that she was safe.  Winking smile

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