Monday, April 21, 2014

Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy…


A few weeks ago was spring break.  One day I got to sleep in, to sleep in as late as I wanted.  I woke up at 9AM.  I felt great.  From 11PM to 9AM, that’s what it took to make me wake feeling rested.

And this really was no surprise to me.  I’ve known I was a 10 hrs a night gal for a long time. 

But you know we normally get up at 6:30 now to read scriptures every morning before work and school.  And we struggle to get to bed before 11pm.

So the next time I’m wondering why on earth I feel the way I do, why I’m feeling tired and wanting a nap just after breakfast, and why I have to actually have a nap in order to get through dinner without killing someone—the next time I’m going to remember that this is my problem.  9AM.  Or 6:30AM. 

Or rather, the difference between 6:30 and 9AM. 

That’s my problem.


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