Sunday, April 20, 2014

The magic 27th

Two years ago was our 25th anniversary.  Twenty-five is a big deal as far as anniversaries go, you know, lots of expectations for celebration and happiness and wonderfulness.

Ours pretty much sucked.

On our 25th anniversary Russ had already been living & working in Oregon for 2 months.  I was still in North Carolina working on the house, getting ready for the movers to come, counting down the days until we were supposed to leave.  I was exhausted and grieving.  On our 25th anniversary Russ sent Alisyn with flowers for me which made me smile.  One our 25th anniversary I had some difficult personal things happen that were more than I could deal with. 

It was a really hard day.

(I should say it was also a hard day for Russ who was NOT enjoying life as a bachelor in a series of rental rooms in Oregon.)


Thursday was our 27th anniversary.  Twenty-seven isn’t a big deal for anyone.  Twenty-seven is just a mile-marker between twenty-five and thirty.  On top of that I knew that we wouldn’t even be together on our twenty-seventh because I would be traveling back from Utah.  I had zero expectations.

But you know how life can surprise you sometimes?  I have just been surprised.  Because instead of a mile-marker, by the end of the day twenty-seven was an amazing accumulation of unlooked-for blessings.   Blessings that individually would have been appreciated, but together are an unmistakable sign of God’s mercy and love in our lives.  Starting with a positive work review for Russ and “gushing” compliments from his normally taciturn boss and including a new scholarship and a summer job with EFY for Jason, our twenty-seventh was filled up with blessings until they overflowed and left us almost speechless from the magnitude of it all. 

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