Sunday, July 14, 2013

She Taunts Us


Early in Kate’s life we were startled to see something. 

She was rolling her tongue.

You see we are a non tongue-rolling family here.  Russ and I are both among the 19-35% of the population unable to perform this little bit of lingual trickery.  It’s a perfect setup—because we both lack the ability, neither of us has had to feel un-gifted or inadequate about it.

Although tongue rolling is not strictly a genetic trait, (35% of children with non-tongue rolling parents do eventually become able to roll their tongues) none of our children have ever shown this hidden ability.

This has been a tongue-rolling free zone.

Until now.

Clearly Cindy Lynn married a tongue roller.  And he has passed his rolling genes on to our grandchild.  Who taunts us by showing off her ability even at this young age.


Why else would she persist in rolling her tongue (partially or all the way) in so many pictures?  23Jun2013-54

Sigh…it’s because she knows we can’t do it…and she can…

Winking smile


  1. You should see how curled it is when she plays with her pacifier ;) And I SWEAR that Jason could curl his tongue as a kid!

  2. You can't roll your tongues? How did we not know this? We'll have to seriously consider the future of this friendship!

  3. She looks so much like a little Ray I think this one "flaw" can be overlooked. Besides, it is a pretty cute "flaw." Oh and she is one chunky girl. LOVE HER!

  4. It is funny when people tell me how chunky she is, because compared to most of my friends' babies this age she is still a skinny little miss! But I love the rolls she does have. She's definitely gotten more this month... I love them!