Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I told you so!

It is not very often that I get the satisfaction of saying I Told You So.  Especially not so quickly.  But seriously, people, I TOLD YOU SO!

Remember when I said that I was concerned about my neighbor’s bamboo, worried that it would come into my back yard? 


Not only did Josh have to dig out another bamboo shoot with it’s own rhizome (this makes 4 separate rhizomes coming under that corner of the garage), something else happened. 

Josh has been scraping the fence, trying to get rid of the bubbled or peeling paint so that he can repaint and protect the wood from the fierce ravages of 8 months of rain in our not-too-distant-future. 


He was showing me what he had done, and I saw something that didn’t look right. 


So I looked closer.


Do you see what I see?  That new bamboo shoot is growing THROUGH the fence.  From the other side.

Now—I saw our neighbor Scott out in the driveway the next day washing one of his fleet of sports cars.  (I am not kidding.  He just bought a new corvette.  He has a vintage Porsche in the garage.  And he has several more in storage.  Though he did decide to sell one now that he bought the new corvette.  But I digress.)  I told him about the fence busting bamboo and he invited me into his backyard to see what was going on.  But we could see nothing.

These fences are double sided fences.  His side looks just like mine (except that it’s not the same color as mine, which is the same color as my house) and there is apparently a small amount of space between them.

Space that is now occupied by an entire bamboo shoot.

Which as of this morning is now taller than the bamboo that was already there—meaning that it has grown at least 2 feet since July 12th when I took those pictures.  Time to figure out how to get rid of that shoot!

(Evidence that the fence was shoot free on June 26th right here.)

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