Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Growing Up


A few weeks ago Jared went to scout camp.  A very cool camp on the Puget Sound where they got to go rowing and jump off a 20 foot high dock. 

scout camp

It was strange to have him gone for a whole week—he has a definite role in our home and it was different without him.  He said he was a little bit homesick.  I missed him too.

scout camp 3

This morning at 8:00 (ok, pretty soon after 8:00) I took my girls over to the church, helped them unload their stuff, hugged them goodbye and told them to have fun at girl’s camp, then drove away.  My house will be quieter without them this week.  I worry about sending them off.  Will they have fun?  Will they be kind to each other?  Will other people be kind to them?  Will they make more/better friends? 


I’m getting all of these little messages all of the time that things are changing.  We’re on the verge of a whole new time in our lives.  We have kids who don’t need us all the time.  Kids who want to do their own thing just as often as they want to hang out with us.  (Kids that are frequently hormonal.)


These three have been such a delight for the last 9.5 years.  Hopefully that part won’t change.  But I think a lot of other things will…


PS—I’m super thankful that we took our awesome trip together last year…I have the feeling that this year wouldn’t be the same.

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  1. You have the most awesome brain...I love these thoughts. So pertinent to my life right now- will be thinking about this all day....