Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Science Class

Jenna during a thunder storm last week: I see that there are lots of negatively charged ions in the clouds and positively charged ions on the ground.

Me: I see you have been doing science with Dad again.


I have been busy working on the house for months now, it seems.  One of the unfortunate side effects is that I usually haven’t had time for the fun stuff I was doing with the kids for school.  They still do the basics on their own, but none of the extras that I like to do with them.

At some point Russ offered to help out, and I handed him a stack of science books.  Here, I told him, pick something fun because they’re dying to do science.  And he did.

The result has been terrific.  I have loved watching him prepare a lesson and then teach it to the little kids.  Since he’s been in Oregon they still have science class several times a week via skype.  Every time I see/hear it happening, it warms the cockles of my heart.

My did I choose my kids a great dad…




More great logic from Jenna:

Me: Do you want a bacon, egg, & cheese biscuit from BoJangles?
Her: No, their cheese tastes like macaroni.  And I don’t like macaroni with my egg…


  1. Macaroni egg! I love that girl...

  2. That is too cute! (All of it.) Wish I was there. I might not be up to helping with your crazy superwoman remodeling, but I could sure do school!

  3. That sounds like something Brigham would say. Yesterday I noticed him eating pizza upside down, asked him why, and he said so the yummy part touches his tongue when he takes a bite....