Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Quarter of a Century


I sat behind them on Sunday, watched them snuggle close together on their bench.  I watched her rub his shoulder and saw him tenderly take her hand.  It made me smile, because I remember being that young couple, married for only a few days.  I remember the joy in thinking that he was mine now, mine forever.  I remember feeling like I would never be able to get enough of him.  I remember it almost like it was yesterday.

But it wasn’t yesterday, it was 9,125 yesterdays ago—twenty five years.  More time than I could comprehend then, and more time than I can believe has passed now.   I think to myself, “today we have been married 25 years,” and I can hardly fathom it.

Today, even though we are temporarily apart, I will be celebrating our life together.  Today I will be thinking about how amazing it is that this

Scan255, June 03, 2002

became this.

Emerald Isle 2011 403_edited

Today I will be thinking of how lucky I got all those years ago, and that I never could have known how good this was all going to be.  Hard times, yes.  Stressful moments, sure.  But overall, happiness like I never dared to hope for.


Happy anniversary, Russ—I love you!!!


  1. Congratulations to both of you:)!

  2. :( I hope you guys have some good fun anniversary plans for next month! Sorry you have to be apart for it. And congrats! I can't believe you guys have been married 25 years. Yikes, that means I am turning 24 this year!

  3. Ah thanks sweetie pie hunny bun baby doll :)

  4. Cindy - this is about as beautiful an anniversary post as I have ever read. Simple, deep, and pulled my emotions right out of my heart. Bri was in his last month of Asheville during our anniversary, so I know you're probably missing Russ more than usual today... it'll just make your reunion that much sweeter.

  5. That is a great picture! You look almost the same then as you do now..only super straight teeth.

  6. What a sweet post. Love the pictures. Congratulations on 25 years!