Thursday, April 26, 2012

The best laid plans


Yesterday’s plan:

9:00 get Jared’s retainer from orthodontist
9:20 return my tennis shoes to store since they are making my toes fall asleep
9:40 take kids to Veaches house
10:00 pick up tools from friend, get to house and put in new sinks in my bathroom

5:15 empty outside freezer
5:40 clean up
5:50  drive to Nancy’s, shower quickly, put on real person clothes, get Jared’s scout book
6:20 leave Nancy’s, take food from freezer to friend’s house
6:45 meet Vicki at church to get a picture with her
7:00 meet Diana, Monica, and Alisa for dinner


Yesterday’s reality:

9:15 still 10 minutes from orthodontist when phone rings.  I assure them I’m moments away.  They say no rush, the retainer won’t be finished for an hour…
9:30 pull into Target to look for shoes for the girls who forgot to pull Sunday shoes out before their room was packed
9:45 Rachel discovers the platform heels and we have an impromptu fashion show in the Target shoe department
10:15 go to shoe store, exchange toe-numbing tennis shoes, but Duke T-shirts
10:30 get to orthodontist
10:45 the orthodontist will see you now
11:30 arrive at Veaches house, drop off kids, chat for half hour
12:30 arrive at house, eat lunch
1:30 Josh gets home early from school, we have hour long skype conversation with Russ  and Josh about Josh’s chemistry grade and what to do about it.
2:00 talk to Cindy Lynn on phone, pull weeds in the garden for an hour, realize those last weeds were flowers I planted last year.  Dump dirt out of whiskey barrel planter, realize that the swarms of ants on the dirt are all carrying what must be little ant larvae, gross!
3:00 take all of food out of freezer, put it into coolers in my car.  see spare key hidden (and forgotten in freezer), think briefly about putting it on key ring but decide there’s no reason to do that now since it will need to be left with the house.
4:00 realize I have forgotten to get tools from friend.  Call friend who is now annoyed because he postponed his project earlier while waiting for me.  go get tools
4:15 start working on bathroom counter.  realize immediately that there are 2x4’s in the way and it’s going to be much harder to cut.  and cut.  and cut…
5:45 time to leave to go shower, take food the friend, meet Vicki at church, go to dinner
5:50 realize jacket is still upstairs, walk back to door to go in, realize that door has worked itself locked again
5:50 1/2 realize I have no key and no way to get in
5:51 run over to neighbors house because she has spare key
5:52 knock on neighbor’s door
5:53 ring neighbor’s bell
5:55 decide that it is necessary to use neighbor’s hidden key to break into her house to find my spare key
5:56 open neighbor’s back door with key, walk in right as she walks down the stairs calling “who’s in my house???”  oops….
5:57 neighbor looks for spare key…for 20 minutes…unsuccessfully
6:15 call Russ, request that he call realtor for lock box code, yell at him when he suggests other alternatives
6:25 Russ calls with lockbox code
6:30 open house, retrieve spare key, leave house without jacket, no time for shower
6:35 ask friend to bring her cooler to church for food
6:55 get to church, pass off food, get picture taken with Vicki, hugs all around
7:15 arrive at restaurant for dinner, covered in sawdust, still dressed in nasty work clothes (which fit right in as it turns out.)


Russ decided when he called this morning that it is best not to ask me how I’m doing for a while…


No one rocks work clothes like I do!


  1. First, your day sounds truly, truly, truly horrid!!!
    Second, I was in one of those stores at 10pm with MY girls last night. I'm thinking I'm grateful they only wanted to try on sandals!!!

  2. Your work clothes look good! Off to Costco to buy food for this weekend...will check for the raw tortillas!