Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 1: The Westward Migration Begins


Today’s travel: 447 miles                                                       

We left Durham at 10:42 this morning, just 42 minutes behind schedule.  (Which is pretty close to right on time for me!)  We left with hugs and tears and then more tears.  Before we got on the freeway I pulled over to the side of the road and said a prayer; a prayer for safe traveling, a prayer of thanks for the past 16 years and 10 months of happiness in North Carolina, and a prayer that Josh & Tiger will be happy and safe without us.  By the end of the prayer even Jared was crying.  

Our first stop was in Charlotte to see my mom’s older sister, my Aunt Elizabeth.  (After we left Rachel asked why I called her by both her names…I finally realized she thought I was saying “Ann Elizabeth.”)  We had a lovely lunch with Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Bill.  The kids particularly enjoyed Uncle Bill’s collection of stringed instruments and Aunt Elizabeth’s black and white cat. 


Then we drove on to Columbia where we visited for an hour with my mom’s other sisters, my Aunt June and Aunt Sylvia (whom we’ve always called Aunt Seba) and her brother Billy. 


It made our travel day very long, but it has been too many years since I have seen all of them and I just couldn’t leave the east without visiting. 

We left Columbia and drove to Eric & Katie’s home in Atlanta, arriving at about 9:45 pm.  I ended up having to stop at a rest area to take a 20 minute nap, something that I’ve never had to do before while driving.  Of course I’m not usually this worn out when I start a trip.  Hopefully I won’t be this tired the whole time.

Here is a new friend who joined us on this trip.


He served several different functions, including this one that was a bit of a surprise…

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  1. Is it crazy that I cried reading about y'all leaving? I had forgotten you left Josh there. I have felt that feeling (though in a different way) of leaving and knowing you might never pass that way again and my heart broke all over again for you. Thank goodness you have a fun trip ahead of you! I can't believe how much your sisters look like your beautiful mother!