Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My funny boy

For quite a while I've been holding on to 2 screen shots from my cell phone because the conversation that "happened" on it needed to be saved.  Forever.

Sometime in the last few months we were sitting around the table and I was also texting Josh who was in Rexburg at BYUI.  He was talking about some ideas for summer.

I told Russ and the kids that Josh was asking about hitchhiking and Jared asked to see the phone.  He had it for the next several minutes.  When I got it back this is what I saw.

I laughed out loud that Jared had sent that reply to Josh's question!  Josh thought it was a big strange too...

By this time we were all laughing...

I love Jared's great sense of humor!  (And the fact that he's really rockin' the bedhead lately!)

1 comment:

  1. I like the updated screen shots. :) It's funny sometimes how much of a difference context makes -- Jared never actually said he was you when writing to Josh, but of course, based on context, why would Josh take it any other way?) 😉