Thursday, May 7, 2015

In all the world around me...
(& celebrating a parental success)

When I was outside last night I had to pause and look at the sky.  It was my favorite time of night, when the sky above is darkening to indigo but still fading towards the twilight glow on the horizon.  For the last few months Venus has twinkled brilliantly in the late evening sky and I have needed to point it out to anyone who has been with me so that they, too, could appreciate it's beauty.

I feel like that about so much that is in nature--I see the tree shapes, the flower colors, the sunsets, the waterfalls, the hummingbirds, and I am awed by the beauty in this world that God has created for us.  I want my kids to see it too--to appreciate the beauty, and to know that it is a gift from God.  So I do things like pulling into the parking lot of Multnomah Falls every single time we drive by so that we can look for 30 seconds.  I point out the interesting clouds and I fill our yard with beautiful flowers.  A lot of times all I get is the dreaded teenaged eye roll.

But do you know what?  I think it's working.

The other night I was out for a walk with a friend while Russ & the kids were on a temple trip.  When I got back home to my phone there was a text from Jenna, "Mom, look at the sky!  It's beautiful!!"  Later Rachel showed me a picture that she had taken of the sky right then, and some pictures of beautiful clouds from earlier in the day.  Yesterday she made a comment that it was such an interesting sky day.

 I feel these things about our world so strongly that I want my kids to feel it too.  I want them to see this world, to delight in it, and to know what it means.  What a joy to see it happening!

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