Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thank goodness for the crazies

Last winter the girls signed up for the Winterguard team—a team that learns and performs a routine that includes dance, flags, rifles, and sabers.  I can’t remember what happened but I do remember that I was incredibly frustrated with the coach in the beginning and what her expectations were. 

After being annoyed with a few days I had a thought.  It occurred to me that there was no way in the world that they could be paying this young woman anywhere near what her time was worth for all of this work.  I sure wouldn’t want to do it!

That started me thinking about all of the crazy people in the world.  Sure enough, often it took a crazy person to be interested enough or devoted enough or brave enough to truly accomplish something.  Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the winterguard coach.  All crazies. 

With this change of heart I started paying attention to the coach.  What a big heart she has.  She cares and worries about each of the girls.  She answers endless texts and emails.  She takes time off  from her job and arranges her schedule to accommodate all of the practices and performances.  She gives up 2 whole weeks during the summer to band camp and almost half of her weekends during most of the school year for competitions. 

I have realized—we are lucky to have her.


I’m so grateful for the crazies in my life and in this world.  Grateful that there are people who are crazy enough to lead causes and write inspirational messages and run for office.  Sometimes they make me uncomfortable.  But I’ve realized—I wouldn’t want to be without them.

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