Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Tale of Christmas Woe

This morning when we woke up (at the lovely hour of 9:30) and assembled for Christmas presents a small box was thrust in my hands and I was instructed that I needed to open it first. I opened it and saw this inside.


I looked at this strange (and obviously refrigerated) sight and asked, perplexed, what on earth it was. I was informed that this was something from my Christmas list: a sewing ham. (There is a needle threaded with green thread stuck into the slice of ham.) After laughing I did what any protein loving person would have done--I took the needle, stuck it in the flap of the box, and ate the ham. I set the box down in the entry to be thrown away.

Later Josh went and let Tiger in the house. After she came into the entry we could tell that she was eating something. We couldn't tell what she would be eating, and then Josh realized--she had smelled the ham on the box and was eating the thread that had been sitting on the ham! We all ran to grab Tiger and save her from ingesting the needle, which by this point was hanging just a few inches from her mouth. She ran and hid under the stairs but eventually the kids got her. And THEN they had to pull the thread back out of Tiger's mouth (and points beyond).

Poor Tiger. But we are pleased to report that the cat did NOT eat a needle today.

And that one day soon I'm getting a sewing ham. ;)

sewing ham

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  1. Best Christmas story EVER. I'm laughing so hard. This has been a topic of some confusion at my house too.