Monday, August 18, 2014

Things I do not miss

I remember when our septic system in NC had a problem and we got to spend the day watching bits of our backyard get dug up so that the septic line could be fixed.  I remember when the inspector from the city turned to me and asked, straight faced (and this after having watched my little kids watch the tractor all day…) “now you don’t do a load of laundry every day, do you?”  And I said, “Every day.  At least one.  But hopefully not more than two.” 

On a day like today when the washer seems to run from morning till night, I don’t miss the subtle-but-constant worry about the state of the septic system.  I don’t miss worrying about the drought and the well.  I don’t miss the rust tinged water making our whites dingy.

I don’t miss the 30 minute drive to Walmart, or the 15 minute drive to the closest store.  I don’t miss the 20 minute drive to church or the 45 minute drive to the stake center.  I don’t miss feeling like any errand required the commitment (and the energy expenditure) of half of a day. 

I don’t miss cockroaches, big spiders, mosquitos, or copperheads on the road.  I don’t miss feeling not-quite-safe in some parts of downtown or the lack of sidewalks for safe walking.  I don’t miss the days of all or nothing homeschooling or driving an hour for an art class.  I don’t miss Russ’s 45 minute commute to and from work every day.

There are still so very many things about North Carolina that I *do* miss.  It is embarrassing to me that I am still easily brought to tears about it.  But I thought it was a good moment in time to record the fact that there are also a lot I don’t miss; things that I love about living in Oregon.  You know, it’s a good reminder for me.

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