Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birthday Girls

Jenna decided that she wanted a strawberry cake made from a recipe she’d seen on pinterest.  We decided that we would make it on Sunday after church to eat as part of our fast Sunday dinner.  We ate it with cool whip and strawberries on top and it was quite delish, though not necessarily strawberry tasting.


I must confess that we completely forgot to put candles on it, though we did sing happy birthday to Jenna. 

The next day the girls had a birthday party and invited 8 friends.  They went to the pool first and had a fun hour in the sun.  We didn’t have enough seatbelts going back to our house so for the 2 blocks home I let the girls trunk ride.  IMG_20140804_183928 Back at the house we had pizza, cake, and watched Batman Begins.  Rachel had chosen an ice cream sandwich cake and as always it was yummy.  They ended up not watching all of the movie because some of the girls were more interested in talking, so they all went out on the trampoline to laugh & giggle like a bunch of young teenagers.  Which they are.



The girls also celebrated their birthday by going to their first stake dance the day they turned 14.  Jared wasn’t at all interested since none of his friends are 14 yet.



  1. What kind of cake did Rachel have? Looks good.

  2. DeLynn, I totally forgot to include that--it was an ice cream sandwich cake. Always yummy!

  3. It makes me happy to see them with a big group of friends like that!