Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birthday Boy

(taking the baby first this time)

For the first year ever we had separate birthday celebrations.  Not just separate birthday cakes, but different cakes on different days.  It was kind of like a whole new world.

Jared celebrated his birthday (on their birthday) by going to the skate park with his posse.  This is their favorite thing to do this summer.  After they spent the (long, hot) afternoon at the skate park they came back to our house and had pizza and Jared’s ice cream cake.

jared (3)IMG_1160

Jared used ALL of his money—savings, birthday, money he’s earned, and a little he borrowed—to buy a new scooter.  He was so excited when it came, even though it didn’t come until the 4th.  So of course he had to go back to the skate park again!


Here are a bunch of different pictures of him scootering.

IMG_1192jared scooter2jared scooter (2)jared scooter

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  1. That is so cool! I had no idea he was so good at it!