Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Part 4: Operation survive the Portland winter (the Facebook edition)

May 10: I am sitting by myself in the Kansas City airport--a long layover on my way to Miami and then Durham. (My family is giving me the awesome mother's day present of surviving without me for a while!) I had the feeling that I should have been annoyed when I realized how long my layover was, but I just figured it out. I am sitting here. Sitting. Computer in my lap. And not a responsibility in the world...other than get on the plane in 2 hours. Nice....
feeling relaxed.

May 12: I have been in the ocean. Pure bliss....
feeling wonderful with Lindsay Dodge Alder.


May 13: It seems clear that my experiment in self applied spray on sunscreen was a fail. A really blotchy fail...

May 14: You know when you really love something, and you're away from it for a very long time, and you're not sure it will be as great as you remember??
Silly, silly me....


May 15: Goodbye dazzling ocean.


May 15:  Irony: when you plan a trip to North Carolina to escape the long gray Oregon winter and it's raining buckets in North Carolina but perfect sunny weather in Oregon.


May 16: Something I do NOT miss from North Carolina. And something I do miss. (They smelled divine!)


May 17: New view. (same ocean.)


May 17: Sunset...


May 18: Church in Shallotte.


May 19: I'm getting one of these for all of my friends... Winking smile


May 19: Tomorrow I fly back home. I am so ready to see my family, but I am going back with my soul rejuvenated by my time with the ocean and my heart filled by the time spent with my friends.


May 20: In the airport waiting to board my flight back to Oregon after one last lunch with these lovely ladies. What a happy happy happy trip!


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