Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Overheard at the dinner table


  (I’m sure you can tell this is not a picture from the dinner table!)


Me: Rachel, you should eat some honey every day and see if it will help your allergies.

Rachel: Yuck!  I hate honey!  I would rather eat sour cream than honey!  I would rather eat brussels sprouts than eat honey.  In fact, I would eat brussels sprouts in a BOWL of sour cream!

Russ (completely deadpan): I’d pay a dollar to see that…


Rachel: Can you believe that in 4 months we can go to dances?

Me (truly startled by this piece of news): NO!  Russ, this cannot be!  We must stop it!

Jenna:  I know, right?!?  We totally need to stop it—I don’t want to go!

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