Saturday, August 31, 2013

Check it Out, I’m Published!

In December after Russ lost his job I wrote a blog post about my visiting teachers and told about another timely experience I’d had with visiting teachers when Cindy Lynn was a baby.  One of my friends emailed me and suggested that I might send my blog post to a woman that she knew of who was gathering stories about visiting teachers for a book.  I did, and also wrote up the story of how another visiting teacher unexpectedly became one of my best friends. 

Then time passed and we did things like house fixing and moving and traveling and I lost track of those stories in my mind.  And I got a new email address.  But one day a few months ago I received an email (at my new address) from the woman saying the book was ready to publish and hoping that she had tracked me down.  I was so impressed!

The book came out a few months ago and here it is:


A fine subtitle would be: “Chicken Soup for the Relief Society Sister’s Soul.”  It’s available now at Deseret Book &  Amazon, and was reviewed last week by the Deseret News!  How exciting!!


  1. So cool! Do you have it? I want to read it while I'm there....