Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chilean Fun

We’ve had several rounds of Chilean fun with Jason in the last few days.  First on Sunday he pulled out the Chilean presents.

Everyone got pieces of yummy Chilean fruit candy.  For Russ there was a piece of Chilean copper art. (Chile is a big coppor exporter.)  (And Russ spilled water on himself at some point.)  IMG_7147

For both girls, Jason had bracelets made of what I’m going to guess is hematite.  And no, I have no idea why the word hematite would be in my brain to guess that.


For Jared, a cool Chilean cap.


For me, beautiful lapis lazuli earrings.  Apparently lapis lazuli is mined only a few places in the world and Chile is one of them.  This was a perfect present for me since I love earrings & I love blue!



Funny story about the lapis lazuli.  Jason was explaining that it was not found in many places in the world and Jared burst out, “No way, cause I find it all over in Minecraft!” 

Jason also brought Josh a Chilean baseball cap, and then another present that was the hit of the night.   What Jason called “a full sized onsie.”  Complete with trap door in the back.


As you can see, Josh climbed into it right away.  The zipper pull came off and he was unhappy when I told him I wouldn’t be able to fix it for a while.

Apparently Jason’s whole zone in one of his areas had these made for them.  I guess they were sleeping warm after that!


Our next round of Chilean fun was dinner last night.  Jason made us completoes, which is the Spanish word for hot dog.  He called these completoes italianoes, and they had chopped tomatoes, mashed avacado, and mayo on them.  They were actually really good, and I’m not normally a big hot dog fan.  The little kids were less enthused, of course.  (“You’re going to make me eat a tomato???”)



Last Chilean moment for now… Last night Jason taught a great family night lesson on the importance of family prayer and scripture study.  I loved watching the kids pay attention to him as he taught & bore his testimony.  (Not so much the kid snarling at me as I took the picture!)



Ok, one last picture I found.  Josh introducing Jason to the joys of Rock Band.  Has nothing to do with Chile, other than that we didn’t have Rock Band when Jason left for Chile.



  1. Fun pics and family memories! Jason looks great! i love that he passed his onesie PJ's on to Josh. :) P.S. A safety pin makes a great temporary zipper pull. ;)

  2. LOL I am laughing so hard at the onesie PJs! That is... interesting. So cool!!! We can't wait to see Jason!!!!!!!!!!

    And since when do you guys have rock band...?

  3. I really, really want those pajamas. I'm loving the Jason updates!

  4. Whoops.. That Aaron up there is actually Melissa!

  5. So many memories on this post! I wear my lapis lazuli earrings often, have the same copper map and crave me some completos! However, I don't recall seeing any giant onesies...must have missed that in the southern regions... :)