Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year’s Day fun

We all slept in nice and late today and then woke up to play games with our friends---via skype!   And yes, we were all still in our pajamas.   It was certainly more of an effort that playing games when we lived in the same city, but we enjoyed it so much.


When we were done playing (and had learned that the International Chain Saw Sculpture Association really does exist) it was time to start on part 2 of our Lord of the Rings Marathon.  We spent the rest of the day watching and eating, with a little napping thrown into the middle.


Today’s culinary treats included beef fajitas and more southwest eggrolls.  See how nice they look on Russ’s new mexican platter.


We also made spudnuts again this year—something that Russ’s family used to do at Christmas and we’re trying to make a part of our Christmas season.  Last year they were too thick and some didn’t quite cook in the middle, but this year (despite being worried that I had rolled them out too thin) they were just perfect.  (Except that I think the recipe needs a little more salt.)


The Lord of the Rings, as always, was wonderful.  I have plenty of things this year to say about The Lord of the Rings, but for now I will just say that I think I am in love with Howard Shore.  And after watching the Hobbit last week, even more.  If I was ever going to have a score for my life, I’d want him to compose it…

[Which brings up the thought—I’ll bet my life would look/feel a lot different if it had a score.  What if I slaved in the kitchen cooked dinner for my family every night with the heroic theme playing in the background?  Folded the laundry to the lilting hobbit theme?  Perhaps this is something that I need to consider!]

PS—for the last week we’ve done a lot of sitting around.  Sort of like this.

001 (2) Russ has to go back to work tomorrow, darn it.  I’m totally going to miss him…

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  1. So glad you had fun...you managed to combine two of my least favorite things- playing board games AND skyping ;). I am starting to dream of a Portland trip this summer...