Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Lucky Day

Yesterday was Russ’s birthday.  My lucky day.  Now you may think that I should have said it was his lucky day, and it is true that he is the one that got presents,


and a Costco chocolate cake covered in candles (48, to be exact)


and he is the one that blew out the candles.


(It was actually kind of amazing that he blew them all out—everyone was really impressed.)


But this year I am so very aware that the day we celebrate his birth is my lucky day.  DSC_3450

Oh how I love this man.


The last year+ has been difficult in our life together like few other times have been.  The combination of job loss, home improvements, new job, relocation at separate times, extended separation, etc., has been so much harder than I ever imagined it would be.  And Russ has been right there for me, every time I’ve needed him.  He’s hugged me while I’ve cried, supported me in my every crazy idea, made fajitas for me every night for a week when that’s what I wanted, been the best father ever, all while working a really tough new job.


He may have gotten the presents, but I’m still the lucky one…


PS—I felt like I didn’t want to celebrate his birthday with just our family, so yesterday morning I called 3 families in the ward and invited them to come over for cake & ice cream last night.  I was a little hesitant about doing it, and two of the husbands weren’t able to make it, but in the end it was really fun.  After eating the big group of kids (about 9) played games together and the parents stood around and talked.  It felt good.


  1. You really are a lucky woman, Cindy! So glad you have Russ in your life. I've said before (maybe to you) that one of the greatest things about living here has been that the first decade of our marriage has been surrounded with SO many different examples of strong, loving marriages. I think part of it is that there are just so many exceptional men around, but I love that whenever we women all get together there is no hint of husband-bashing (even during the rough times when we need someone to bounce ideas or concerns off), and that we all feel so blessed to have our own men in our lives. I love you and Russ, and love your relationship! Hooray for wonderful, wonderful men. We truly are lucky!

    Happy Birthday, Russ!

  2. Happy Birthday Russ! We feel lucky that you were born too!