Friday, January 11, 2013

Ah, Pinterest

So my blog hits have been up a little bit.  Which is strange, since I’ve been so busy spending our last weekend with Cindy Lynn & Mahon and then recovering from the holidays that I haven’t really blogged.  I figured that people were just so entertained by my bad parking story that they just kept coming back to read and laugh.  (Yes, I’m talking about you, Lindsay!) 

But then when I looked at my stats I noticed something odd.  I have a few hits from Pinterest.  How unexpected is that!  

A couple of years ago I blogged about an earring holder that I had made.  My friend Diana and her cute daughters have a craft blog, and a while ago she made an earring holder and linked to the post I’d done.  I guess someone pinned that post and now it’s gotten a few hits.

Here’s the funny thing.  That first earring holder was much more a thing of functionality rather than beauty.  I was in a hurry, I wanted a place for my earrings, the end.


(That earring holder is now living in a box somewhere in the depths of our garage, along with 40% of the stuff we own.  Yes, we do have fantasies that one day we will get more boxes unpacked.  I fear that we will have to stop living our normal lives in order to accomplish that.)

When I decided last summer that I was going to make a new jewelry holder rather than wait until we unpacked the old one (good decision, yes?) I did a much better job and made something that looked a lot better.

earrings 2

So now every time I see that someone has gone to that page from Pinterest, I want to shout “It can look a lot better than that!  I did a better job the next time!”

I know, ridiculous.  Sometimes I’m entertained by the crazy stuff going on inside my head.

While I’m talking about the new earring holder, did I already mention that it’s not on the wall right now?  That would be because in the middle of the night recently one of the pins holding it worked free, allowing it to swing down and somehow hit the light switch in just the right way that it turned on the light, causing us both to wake up in quite a fright.  It’s amusing now, wasn’t quite so much then…

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  1. Wow, you've arrived! ;) I've had a few recipes from my cooking blog pinned, but never anything from my regular blog except the post I wrote on sprouting beans (odd!)....